Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Festivities at the Flat:Part 1

On Monday we enjoyed a Christmas celebration at Fritz's WG. Ronja, Fritz's flatmate, made a delicious traditional german style christmas meal, which we washed down properly with a glass of champagne, following a mug of deutsche bier. On the menu was roasted chicken, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, chestnut sauce,  and klöße- hefty german potato dumplings which are deceivingly filling. I took two thinking it would be no problem- I was wrong. 
After finishing our christmas feast, we bundled up in our coats, wrapped up in our scarves, and continued the night onto the christmas market. We stopped by multiple stalls, drawn in by the inviting lights and christmas goodies (which seem to have an even stronger pull).
Jean found some cool 3D glasses on the bench. Very, new-millenium style.
We paid a visit to the popular Blue Angel stall, the mulled wine distributor. All four of us agreed upon trying the pear flavor. It was very satisfying; light and fruitier than its traditional self. Nothing compares to the original, though. Later on when we passed by another stall offering traditional Glühwein with a shot of rum, we couldn't say no. 
Christmas card -type photo of the housemates Jean, Ronja, and Fritz
I'll post on part two of our christmas celebration night later- I promise! I'll keep this one though, I know I never completed my Berlin countdown. My apologies. Things just got so busy towards the end. I left for the airport only ten minutes after my last, and hardest exam, organic chemistry. Good news, I passed!


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