Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Festivites at the Flat:Part 2

The second part of the night brought us to a rooftop with a great view over the Cottbus Theater of Performing Arts. The secret little spot used to be the apartment building of Thomas, Anja's boyfriend. He has changed apartments months ago, but the entrance door was luckily unlocked. To reach the rooftop we climbed up a rocky latter. With some team effort we all made it safely.
Myself,Thomas, and Anja




  1. I love your jacket! where is it from?:)

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I still havent got the christmas feeling tho :(
    And thank u, I love try out new make-up, and got so much nice at sephora!
    I miss that store so much, wish we had it in Norway!
    I also miss New York suuuper much, its def the best place :) I want to move there NOW! haha
    Germany is soo nice too, so enjoy!
    And wooow, thats super cheap.. I understand u wanna go to Sweeden, its really nice! But u should come to Norway as well :D