Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AfterDRK Wardrobe Staples

Basic t-shirts. Mine are from the men’s department at COS.

Silk shirts, at least one black, one white. Equipment ‘Signature’, what else?
Cashmere sweaters. The men’s section (again) at the Belgian brand Essentiel has really good affordable options.
Darkgrey skinny jeans (and all kinds of other colored ones). I have tried millions and millions of jeans, but my Dr Denim ‘Snap’ ones are the ultimate – not too skinny, not too loose – they are perfect. I just recently found out the ones from Maison Scotch work pretty well on me too.
Boyfriend jeans, one pair of them. I personally love the Acne ‘Pop’ in one size too large (though they sell out pretty quickly) and I have a very nice one from Diesel.
Classic black pumps, the most unreal pointed toe pair you have ever laid eyes on. I am currently saving up for Prada, since Louboutin Pigalle is way too uncomfortable and maybe a bit too obvious for me. Go for a >10cm heel and the perfect amount of toe cleavage.
Oversized wool coat in camel or grey. Stella McCartney, Joseph, or for a slightly cheaper alternative Fillipa K. (I do not own a Stella – or Joseph – but this would definitely be my dream coat.)
Black blazer and matching pants. I swear by mine from Maison Martin Margiela, bought with a huge discount atRoundabout.
Chunky knit. Looks like Hope Sthlm is re-issuing their ‘Grand’ sweater, I never saw anything better than this.
from Sabrina Meijer at www.afterdrk.com


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