Monday, August 20, 2012

The Details and Symbols

Macabre.  Macabre.  Macabre.  I finally went to my first Macabre sale.  I keep debating if I should wear the long Swiss Jacket that I bought in this 85 degree summer weather or if I should just keep it tucked away for a cooler day...  Naturally, I won't wear it because I'd die a slow death of heat exhaustion.  Regardless, I'm inexplicably excited to put that jacket on in the fall or winter and actually need it.  Oh winter... you're so far away yet so close. 

Back to Macabre.  Here are a few pictures of the owners' apartment covered in their glorious sale items.  I regret not buying everything.  No joke.

So many amazing items that are one of a kind and completely unique.  I wish my entire closet was full of this stuff!  I guess I'll have to work a few items at a time... Which is what I did here: 

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