Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Header

Inspiration comes at you like the falling boulder in the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land.  There's that lightning and the bumpy car and you don't know what is going on but you have to do something about it.  Anything..  So you walk outside and look around which ultimately makes the feeling worse especially as clouds roll in overhead.  Over the beaches and the vast oceans and it's quiet and peaceful and everything just feels so weird.  This is always how inspiration approaches me.  But if I don't do anything about it, it just drifts off as if that huge boulder didn't even squish me at all 20 minutes ago and then everything just feels off... For days.  Today this sort of happened minus some intensity.  So I took out my bamboo tablet and opened up photoshop and sat on my computer for three hours trying to make a new header image for figureno.1.  I probably deleted 200 items that were just horrible and tried applying them to the actual blog only to fail miserably with the coding.

So, I just tried to mimic Ann's handwriting and wah-la.  It's a nice contrast because it's handwritten and then we have all this clean cut type text on the actual blog itself.   

Here are a few of the images I made... This was one of the options that I should have taken more time on (hence the off centerness of the entire image): 

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