Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stuck Between Stations

Today was weird, my night was more or less a continuation of my day: movies all day, movies in the evening, moves at night.  I watched Titanic for the first time in years.  Yaddah Yaddah, love story, epic love story, forbidden epic love story, high love story society, etc.  The film, of course, is entertaining, beautiful, sad, and epic all at the same time.  It pulls at every human emotion which is said to be the most important aspect of a film: to make one feel.  We all associate these American films with our American culture because everyone has seen Titanic and if you haven't then you're clearly not from here.  After my movie marathon: Titanic, Jerry Maguire, Sex and the City, and sections of Flubber, I logged onto netflix and began watching Stuck Between Stations.

It's an extremely interesting love story because it was extremely realistic.  The characters, the storyline, the events.  Simply put, the film follows two people who used to know one another in grade school that crossed paths one night in Minneapolis now that they have both developed their own lives.  It's a slow developed film that keeps you locked in solely for the character development.  The love story is quirky and simple but at the same time develops into something more complex and realistic.  I love finding gems like these.   Love love love them.


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