Thursday, August 9, 2012

Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl

One of the reasons I love spotify is because it has this overwhelming power to connect you with all types of music.  It links from artist to artist, song to song, genre to genre.  It's like a never ending map that explains why the world is a sphere and not flat.  Click away from related artist to related artist and find a plethora of soon to be favorite artists.  But I'm not writing this post to convince you to download spotify, I'm here to share what I found tonight.  An album unlike any other.  The band: The Liminianas The Album: Crystal Anis (which is a type of bird)

Each song has a very different beat and rhythm to it so each song is incredibly distinct.  I'm a little tired of finding bands that have great music but each song is almost an exact replica of the other (Foster the People...)

And they are French which compelled me to post about them immediately!
This song is one of their most popular songs:
Bon nuit et vous vous amusez avec ces chansons!

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