Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indoor Activities/ Nicht Draußen

The weather here in Berlin has been a mixture of sunshine and spurts of rain for the past days. Not particularly ideal weather to plan a outdoor day trip. Schlachtensee anybody?
 Instead, we've been enjoying other 'weather-friendly' activities. Rammikub, a german board game (that is kind of like scrabble but with numbers instead of letters) has been a favorite of late, we've also been baking heaps.
 Pancakes, corn bread, banana walnut waffles to name a few . Tonight we have a friends going away party to attend, and we will make smoked salmon crepe rolls with dill and cream, and a batch of corn bread to bring along. He just graduated from gymnasium with Fritz, and now he will be heading off to South Africa for a year for community service development. I'll post on it later!
Ciao XX

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