Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Army of Shadows

Tick. fucking. tock. I am at work. I cannot begin to describe to you how slow the morning goes when you start your day at 5am. Think of it like this: When you wake up at 5 in the morning, 6 hours go by and it's ONLY 11AM. But anyways, that is my present situation. The people/things I really want to write about are: Francesca Woodman, thoughts of Italy (and Germany?!) and the girl with the awesome tattoo. I'll try to keep it short.

When I first clicked on and played "The Woodmans" on Netlifx, I was definitely not paying that much attention and my interest was elsewhere. I was honestly just watching something to pass the time (my life this summer). However, I found myself almost immediately captivated by the story of a girl, an artist, who creates the most beautiful photographs. They are haunted, precise, and surreal. She often used herself as a subject, as well as models a few years later.

Okay, so this summer my family is lucky enough to be going to Tuscany. We're leaving this Thursday. To "involve us in the process" my mom gave us each a nearby city/village to research and plan a day in. I got San Gimignano, a tiny fortressed hilltop village known for its old brick towers and local white wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano. So, my day will include an award winning gelato shop, white wine tasting, a popular modern art museum, and a tour of the medieval towers. Top that siblings.

If things work out, I should be going to Germany sometime during my stay in Italy. This, of course, would be amazing. Not only would I get to see my darling Caits, I would be visiting a country I have never been to! So much excitement.

Finally, the girl with the awesome tattoo. This was posted on a facebook page called Humans of New York, run by a man named Brandon who has built up quite a collection of portraits, all taken of people on the streets of New York. It means "Army of Shadows" in French. Sick.


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  1. LOVE this post. Your Italia trip is going to be amazing. I wish I could explore San Gimignano with you!!!(that day you've planned sounds perfect) But, I am so happy that you are coming to BERLIN!!!!!!!!