Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Auguste Arthur Bondy

Morning hours fade into midday and morph into afternoon.  Then the lights dim.  And the streets quiet down and time, simple time, becomes more precious.  Not the worry that the night is growing older and soon it will be morning again, but just the idea that these hours of silence and calm are so rare in this world.  The stars emerge and everything exists as a low hum.  It's a typical day for anyone and everyone.  I hadn't really noticed that I've been blessed with these simple transition periods everyday of my life which go unnoticed until now.

Auguste Arthur Bondy, a man of raw talent, appeared on my music radar like a good winter rain after a long indefinite summer drought.  I couldn't help but notice how smoothly his combination of twangy southern folk and calming guitar strums accompanied my revelation of time and it's precious nature.  They mysteriously seemed to go hand in hand.  His music is an honest folky emodiment of a calm afternoon where one watches the people pass encompassed in their own bubbles of life.  Originating from Birmingham Alabama, Bondy's sound is a folk and alternative fusion of pure nostalgia.  I listen to each song and I'm brought back to muddled memories of days and moments of pure insignificance.  It almost makes the listener daze off and snap back right as he hits the perfect note.  I'm mesmerized although no one will lock me in a state of shock as Future Islands... I will forever be on the lookout.

Check out his latest album, believers released in 2011.  Notice tomorrow.


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