Monday, July 16, 2012

Late Nights and Mornings

This weekend has brought a lot of fun. Starting Friday, we got together with Anna, her brother Aike and his room mate Julius. 
After a coffee at Mein Haus Am See- a trendy little cafe filled with (trendy people) old furniture and loud upbeat 90's music, we hung out at their perfectly located flat in Mitte.
Our friend Sebastian came over later. Our original plan was to head over to an Jannowitzbr├╝cke for an open air. After a few drinks we decided to stay at the flat-where we had a great view over the busy street and our own music was pumping.  
 Saturday we had a gathering for an extremely yummy grill at the house. I tried grilled Halloumi cheese, and I'm a little undecided of whether I like it or not. Before I tried it the texture was described as a 'flat tire', and I must say its a rather accurate description. I am rather fond of the flavour though; this is where I am troubled. We ate outside into the darkness, and then moved the party inside. At two am we headed to club Tresor. It is renowned for its heavy underground techno scene. I know DJ mocca, one of the guys on team Puresque- a branch belonging to Tresor Records, so he was able to get all of us on the guest list. Inside the club, which is a converted warehouse building, there are multiple rooms. The upper level has a smoother feeling to it- the music (being spun by Detroit native Mike Huckaby) had jazz and soul influence, and was pretty steady for the most part. Puresque is located in the basement however, and after sometime upstairs we headed over. After passing through a cement hallway/tunnel with red lighting and damp air, we come upon a room with bass like no other. Strobe lights were flashing, and everything looked like it was in slow motion. The DJ table was behind bars. It was what I would imagine an underground vampire cult club would be like. It was awesome. When we left the club, it was light out. Morning light. As we walked along the party goer and club hopper filled street, we came across this open little bar with a funny little bearded DJ, and tall women dancing on the bar and taking shots. 

 We got home at 8:30 am. Slept till 4-

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