Monday, January 9, 2012

Swing that skirt, move those feet

Neujahrsbrunch at the Corps house was a good time- here are the pictures!
 The kind of dance that is done at the corps machia berlin house is friesenrock. Its a really fun upbeat dance between a girl and a boy ( or boy-boy, girl-girl, if they like). Its a combination of swing and 50's rock and roll. There are many fun tricks, flips, and twists that can be done, which makes the dance so much fun!
 Here you can see this Anna and Steffen doing a move that takes a lot of strength, and a good sense of stability. This one can make you dizzy- but its so much fun to do.
Corps Machia Berlin is over two hundred years old and one of the oldest fraternities in Germany. Though much of the house had to be rebuilt due to the second World war, one will find many old relics and memorabilia displayed throughout the corp's house that show its long history as a reputable brotherhood.  



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