Friday, January 13, 2012

Cloud Cities

Yesterday I went with Fritz's mum to Hamburger Banhof Museum to see Tomas Saraceno's Cloud Cities installation. The Argentinian artist's works intend to shatter traditional concepts of place, gravity, time, and traditional ideas within architecture. For this particular installation he drew inspiration from soap bubbles as well as the durability or spiderwebs. In the picture above you can see a spherical garden suspended in mid air; other pieces included a visitor-interactive bubble that visitors can enter. From the inside it looked as if I were inside a giant zorbing bubble, it felt similar to a bounce house. 
The installation was just great. Saraceno incorporated natural elements into geometric design and architecture in a way that makes the viewer really think twice about what they see- the combination of such contrasting subjects created a wonderful product. 

Only 2 more days left here in Berlin- Im going to miss it! I'll see my sweets in summer again though, so that won't be too far away.  People say second semester goes faster than first, as well. I'll also have all my Fridays off this semester! 
Fritz and I are planning to do a trip to Paris- we are currently organizing everything, theres also the possibility of going to Milano too. I'm already so excited for it! I will keep you updated as I find out more.  Classes end early May, so I'll most likely go to Berlin right after. It has really become a second home for me. Hopefully this summer my mom can come to Berlin too- our parents still havent been able to meet! 


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