Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bread and Butterflies

Pogo Remixes Disney's Alice in Wonderland. For most of Pogo's remixed videos and music, he creates a simple base beat and layers over them with edited and re-edited pieces of the original dialogue in the movies/clips. I could watch it over and over. Pogo also remixes everything else from your childhood memories. Is there a better way to go back in time?

Mansions on the Moon is a new band produced by the well known rap artist pharrell? Who would have guessed?

Ines de la Fressange could be one of the classiest women in the entire world. She is the epitome of The Parisian Woman. Former supermodel and muse, she recently published a fashion guide titled, "Parisian Chic." The book is filled with basic fashion must-haves, tips, basics, and ideas. It isn't a magazine or Ines forcing her style on others, instead it is something that works for every girl from every country at any time. It's not just a guide, but a bible.

"Tres chic" as ms. K would say.

And I couldn't help but notice my love for The Row... Fashion by the Olsen twins? Why are they so wonderful?

Young, Wild, and Free ♥,Brye

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  1. The book seems so good- Ines is amazing. I read about it before but didnt put much thought into getting it. Now I want it so much!