Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today: NYC. Tomorrow: Berlin

I have a reason for not blogging in the longest time- any college student would understand me. Finals. Studying for hours upon hours just takes the life out of me. However I do bring good news- tomorrow is my last one! I have chemistry at 9:40 AM, and, I fly out to Berlin at 6:40 pm! I will be the happiest person ever once I am on that plane- finals are over, and I get to spend my month long winter holiday with my sweets in Berlin! I will be sure to post as often as I can when I am there. Here are some photos from Thanksgiving- it was such a nice day joining family and friends over the lovely feast. So much amazing food.

 I made the sweet potato dish too!  It turned out just like my mom's too, its just my favorite.You can see it on the bottom right on the plate above.

I can't wait to be on that plane!


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