Sunday, June 23, 2013

This City

Its been a good weekend, balanced out between friends and work. Last night was a relaxed evening spent with friends Asya, Mykal, and Steph. 
There were two things that made my head hurt yesterday. First off: laughing so hard as we all sat around the table doing our best impressions of Marilyn Monroe, Vietnamese nail lady, cookie monster, and our plastic surgery face:
"Dr. Dorfman? My jaw line needs rechiseling."
just to name a few. Secondly: It makes me dizzy to wrap my head around the fact that I am in school this summer. Its a bizarre feeling; it definitely feels like summer outside, but I don't have that care free summer feeling that usually goes along with it. Its for a good reason though, right? I hope so, because some vacation time sounds so nice right now. What I'd do to escape to the sands of, well.. anywhere.  
This has been on loop. Pretty sure I got it from my music lady Bry

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