Friday, May 24, 2013

On the Road to P- Town

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for a weekend trip down to Portland. It'll be nice to get on the road and get back to the city- its been a while since my last visit. I wish my Portlandian, Bry could be there at the same time!Ive been in Seattle for a week now, and its been lovely to be back with family, good food, and those west coast vibes. Look out for a post all about the foodsies I've been noshing on here at home. I just made Blondies, if that can paint a picture for you. Don't even look at me like that... I have to take advantage of having a kitchen while I can! Only a week left of home, then I am back to new york. This week actually hasn't even been total relaxation; I've had to study. I am given a two week 'summer break', and during that time, I must learn an entire textbook. PA School, Y U No give me break?!
As for music news, I almost forgot about Stromae. Then, I saw this. Always keeping things interesting, he is. I adore his videos. 

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