Thursday, January 10, 2013

Right in your spot, in Ear Park.

This won't be interesting... seriously.

I've been listening to cold wave music for a long time now and each song is beginning to sound the same.  I think it's probably time for me to explore some different genres.  But I felt a little depressed thinking about the numerous songs I've listened to on spotify trying to find that next album, artist, or genre that puts me inside my head for the entire time I'm listening.  We are all different (obviously) and a song can mean one thing to one person and an entirely other thing to another (enlightening, right?!)  Therefore, the song I am posting below might not mean too much to someone who's never heard it...   Then again, the music you listened to back in 2008 might mean a lot more to you than it would to me.    Music is how one understands and or interprets it for his or herself.  This was the one valuable thing I learned from my music class this last semester.  It has nothing to do with what the artist intended in the end, and has everything to do with how or what the listener takes in, ultimately giving it their own meaning.  Just like a beautiful painting or a slow thoughtful novel.  This is all pretty obvious, I just enjoy pointing it out.  Spotify being a wonderful application gives me every song and places it on a platter for me to chow down on.  But I became wholeheartedly fatigued of listening to songs that were good but not great.  So, today I watched the movie Blue Valentine and I was reminded of my love for the group, Department of Eagles, and I decided to go back in my library of music and rediscover the music that reminds me of old times and old places.  I recommend it for everyone regardless of whether you listen to much music or not.

This song and this movie... It's a must see for the realists and the romantics because it's real and there is nothing more romantic that believing in real love and there is nothing more real than a real love.

x, B.

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