Thursday, December 27, 2012


Whilst in Geneva airport- I was disappointed I couldn't access the one hour of free wifi, since I didn't have an EU cellphone to which they could send my secret passcode.Phooey. However, I did find a fully loaded Sex and the City episode on one of my tabs. Not closing your tabs IS good after all! I had already watched the episode, 'The Monogamists' a day or two prior, but hey, I was in no situation to be picky. I only had forty five minutes to pass until boarding anyway. I had already passed some time exploring the Chanel makeup counter, and testing various perfumes(always fun).
Yesterday, relaxing in Berlin. Jacket/Urban Outfitters Scarf/Gap Blush-liptint/Smashbox

Bum, bum bum. Good song!


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