Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mon Dieu, Hookoo

Goodbye summer and that last fun night with Yas, it's 11:30am, on Tuesday.  French Business with a focus on Micro Economics.  Taught in French.  Maybe 9 other students, all of which are nearly fluent.  And then I'm thinking "Mon Dieu!" Like I am fluent myself... Even though repeating the phrase "mon dieu" over and over makes me no more fluent than my dog chilling on the couch at home.  Then they all start debating the idea of buying goods made by French companies or imported goods made by Vietnamese companies and or Chinese companies.  All in french remember and I'm catching phrases and words and for the most part I can understand but responding is out of the question.  Professor Daubigny divides us, right down the middle.  For and against French Producteurs or Other Producteurs.  Thank DIEU that I'm for French Goods made by French Enterprise.  We debate for a couple of minutes.  Surprisingly, I had actually some pretty good slowly stitched sentences that ended up getting a few nods here and there.

And I can't wait to go back on Tuesday.

Caits' post inspired me to share a few songs that I been listening to often. They are all pretty slow and relaxed so enjoy and relax!


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