Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sans Wisdom Teeth

Got my wisdom teeth removed this morning! Since then its been a lot of gauze, sleep, and some pain medicine. I just woke up from a nice nap.  Im so happy the teeth are out and I never have to deal with them again, or worry about them shifting my teeth! Now I won't have to take any time out of my summer getting them removed, either. After the doctor put the i-v in me I was out in no time, and when I woke up, it felt like nothing had happened.
Right now I just have minimal swelling, and I'm starting to regain feeling back in my face. I made a smoothie earlier ( you can't take the pain meds on an empty stomach) and I felt like a baby while I was eating it. It was so difficult, since I couldn't feel my bottom lip!  After that I became really sleepy and just went to bed. Im feeling pretty good right now, I don't need any more gauze, and Im just relaxing. Its so nice to be back in California!


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