Friday, March 30, 2012

World Trestles Unite

Salt Creek Beach.  The waves were maybe 4 inches which seemed a little too small even for a beginner, such as myself.  Then we drove by Doheny.  Which was brutally flat.  My friend, Aaron, suggested Trestles.  He said it might be a little rocky but the waves were almost guaranteed to be good.  I'm all for it.  Once we get there, we hiked downhill for about half a mile.  Finally, we reach sand.  Butterflies formed and I can't help but think "today I am surfing."  People from all over the world would assume that residents of any beach town automatically surf.  But, we all know that's a wonderful generalization.

We zip up our wetsuits, and finally got in the water.  The floor beneath our feet was covered in rocks.  Which were not too forgiving when it came to stepping on their heads.  An eye for an eye, I guess.  We surfed for about 30 or so minutes.  I caught maybe one wave that I stood up on for ten seconds.  Aaron caught a few waves and by the end of the entire excursion, my feet were cut and my hands so I chickened out.  Of course, being the surfer that he is, Aaron continued as the waves got a little more vicious and the tide came in.  A few years ago, he went to Costa Rica with his brothers and he told me it was the best time of his life.  

Anyway, A friend of mine just showed me a fantastic site.  ( It's the best way to find music that you'd like in one simple click.  So you type in the name of an artist that you really like.  Once you hit enter it brings up this map of a bunch of different artists that you would like.  The names that appear closer to the original name that you typed in (usually towards the center of the map) are the artists that are most like the original one you typed in.  The artists that are further away are still artists that you might like but that have a different sound or vibe.

Through this site, I found Wu Lyf (World Unite: Lucifer Youth Foundation)  They make this weird echo music that is like rock/pop.  I can't stop listening because in a way their sound is sort of nostalgic.  And after reading the poem "Birches" by Robert Frost, I'm really into nostalgia now.

Too bad the only time they are play here in California is in San Francisco and Coachella...

Listen and Enjoy!

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