Monday, December 19, 2011

Raffa - Nur Du -Belmond & Parker Remix

Loving this song right now- take a listen! A clip of it was part of a large house mix (1 hr long), and we just found the name of the song by searching it up from the lyrics on youtube.
 Tonight we will watch Kein Ohr Hasen, a german movie I have been dying to see that my love got me for my birthday. Tomorrow I will go to gymnasium with him (: we can sleep in though because a teacher is sick so we only have to go to 7th and 8th period. 

Today we went to the market and picked up these sweet treats called chocolate kisses. They are the creamy puffs with chocolate outside, and a wafer bottom. Yummy- and just so sweet! We also got another something sweet at the store- Nougat Bits , the best cereal ever! It has nougat chocolate inside the pieces. 

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