Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday with the Aussies

Amanda will be leaving us to fly back to Brisbane on Sunday, so Eka, Amanda and myself spent the day in Upper Eastside. We strolled along Madison and went in and out of shops and stops. We spent some time at Dean&Deluca and came across some really yummy Chocolate Toffe and Crembrulee almonds....Mmmm
 It was also imperative Amanda try Lauduree's Macaroons before she left, so we waited in the line- which was an hour this time- to receive our parisien friends. We welcomed them graciously. At Tiffany's later A found a beautiful necklace. I didn't get the chance to picture it, but  it fit her perfectly and it was just a great everyday piece. 
For dinner, we went to Sushiya, a Japanese restaurant in Midtown East. The hot green tea was the perfect thing to warm up our cold bodies- the wind really picked up at night and it became pretty chilly. I also tried Agedashi Tofu for the first time, which was also delightful for this cold night. A.T is basically fried tofu topped with spring onion and served in tentsuyu broth made of daishi, mirin, and sho-yu. I wasn't sure if I'd like it at first, but it was a pleasant surprise!

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