Saturday, November 12, 2011

Feeling Good

I found out that I passed my speech proficiency test yesterday, which was thrilling news for me. Since I was able to pass out of Computers and Speech via exams, I now no longer have to take the two courses this summer. PA majors like myself have extra classes that can not be fit into the year's schedule because our program is accelerated into 5 years instead of the regular 6.
Since I chose to take German as an additional class this fall semester, I would have had two classes instead of one, to complete during summer. My speech and computers requirements however, are now waived! This totally opens up my plans, and unbinds me from everything school related this summer. I feel so accomplished- and free!
Today Mar, Danielle, Ellen and I went to Chinatown- Mar knows all the places to go in the area. After we had some incredible dumplings for lunch, we shopped around East Village. I found so many perfect pieces for the colder weather! It's been a successful past two days.


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