Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brunch at Prospect

On Easter sunday Kayla and I had delicious brunch at Cheryl's Global Soul. We had so much food- and mimosas, orange juice, coffee and tea, to go along with it. at 236 Underhill Ave in Brooklyn, right by Prospect Park. 
We arrived at 11, and thankfully just beat the crowd. We barely had to wait, but people who arrived just about fifteen minutes after us had a two hours.
I got buttermilk pancakes with a mixed berry compote and chantilly cream- they were perfectly light and fluffy.
Kayla ordered a bowl of red zinger tea.  
She had the salmon hash with poached eggs and hollandaise. 
Outside of Cheryl's, we had a great people watching view. Dogs-as well! There were so many cute ones. I think there was a really cute lab with a cast on its tail, just right out of frame to the right. You can just imagine the cuteness of that.

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