Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Remains of a Sympathy Soiree

It's that droning week before finals where there's so much to do and you have the whole week to do it but nothing really gets done other than devoting mass amounts of energy to stressing about the fact that you're not doing anything with the assignments knocking on your brain's door every 30 minutes like a pang of lingering pain in your neck after sleeping in a warped position all night.  Yes, you are correct.  It is incredibly easy to complain about finals being a college student... and yes it's also easy for other college students to relate and it's just a blast when we can all sit together in a huge circle and just egg each other on about how unfair everything is and how grades and relationships and literally a human body can get in the way of something worth watching or something worth doing.  But after the pity party retires and there's nothing else in the vast thrashed field but me, myself, and my exam (insert number here, usually in thousands*) I can't help but think my experience in college actually has lead me to a different mindset.  If we bust out the classroom doors, breathe in the fresh air outside, and kick the exams, and the tests and the quizzes out of our brains' one bedroom homes... I'd say it's bound to pay off in some shape or form and if not now then some day soon... (better be soon) because my brain has been considering looking for a less procrastination-based landlord.

And then I found Black Marble, the chillest greatest coolest most bestest music to hit my ears since the week before the week before finals week:

bonnenuit, B.

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