Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outdoor Markets: sechs(6) tage

Fresh seasonal fruits and veg. The markets are always such a nice place to pick up ingredients, or even just a little box of berries. I'll be looking forward to the Christmas Markets that will be up and running when I arrive in Berlin. Stalls will be looking a little more like this... The traditional gl├╝hwein (hot and spiced), bratwurst, roasted almonds... my stomach is growling just thinking about it! OH ,and I cannot forget to mention the lebkuchen, the german take on gingerbread-slightly more fruity than ours in the states, with less cinnamon. Giant heart shaped cookies with little cute (sometimes corny)phrases are popular at the markets- and they are looped on a ribbon! All of the little german boys and girls wear them as necklaces.It is very cute -  

 Right now in New York, the temperature is just starting to drop, but all of last week felt like Spring! It was incredible. Berlin is already in heavy snowfall, so that will help to get into the Christmas feeling. Thinking about these finals prevents me from being able to fully immerse myself into that christmas spirit,but as I check these horrible exams off my list - I feel closer and closer to the jolly ol' season.



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