Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grave Wave

This music map...  Twisting, turning, altering itself into any state of matter.  With no real infrastructure or simple guidelines it's just here, with me.  There are no county lines, or state borders mainly because there is no security within this musical realm.  It's one of the only things I post about because as much cheese as there is on this pizza, it's become apart of me.  I read reviews from Pitchfork and the harshest ones make me sick.  A musical group: classical, alternative, indie, electronic, dubstep, rock, etc. is forever changing just like my music road, map, world... and just like yours.

Introduction to introduction, I invite you back to the Addams Family and what I'm guessing would have been their (futuristic) musical preference: Grave Wave.  Artists such as Grimes, Gatekeeper, ERAAS, //Tense//, Nuit Noire, Salem, and White Ring are just a few of this abnormal electronic dark exciting music.  Even if it seems ridiculous, I ask you to give it a listen just as I have every other song I've posted.

Hope you're not too weirded out! Halloween is coming. Make it a real Halloween.x -B

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