Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Summer

These past few days on Bainbridge have been amazing. I've been rejuvenating, recovering, and making up for lost sleep during the school year (sleeping in till 11 every day). Well, maybe I'm not doing so much rejuvenating- I have a bit of a cold right now. Hopefully its over soon, I'm sick of this. ha ha. get it? I'm punny.
 I think I'm a little tired- Anyways, its beautiful out and we've been having rather in the high 70's. We've been going on quite a few driving/walking trips around the island. The Pacific North West has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes- dark green pines cascade across the skyline, above which are incredible snow capped mountains and right beneath the thick forestry are often bodies of water. Bainbridge and surrounding islands have many inlets, so water channels through in a lot of places.

One of my favorite songs at the moment is Andrew in Drag- by the Magnetic Fields. (I'd post it one here ,but I tried twice and it keeps getting removed) I was listening to it on loop white I was making granola this morning. Its so good! (the song, but the granola too) 

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