Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thanks Hilary, That was So Yesterday.

So This is the lead singer of Pretty Reckless (also Jenny from Gossip Girl) and I know a lot of people are obsessed with her style, but to be honest I think it looks really outdated. The grunge look seems really 2005 in my opinion.

This is the music video for the song Miss Nothing. She makes me want to wipe her eyes, cut her hair, and put some damn clothes on her. That's just me...

Sort of like the way she used to be:

On a better note, this is SKTRKT's Wildfire. Incredibly chill beat! I can't get enough.  Reminds me of some random summer night last year right before we all separated.  There other songs on the same album are pretty good as well. Check out their album: SBTRKT. Have a lovely day/night!

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