Monday, January 16, 2012

Freedom From

So I'm not sure why, but the other night I made these in Photoshop Creative Suite 5... It's really just an explosion of nothing and a picture of some famous people on top?  I was inspired by Yas Ann and I's trip to Hollywood a few weeks ago.  I was looking through some of the pictures we took and I felt like glorifying one's typical perception of what Hollywood should be today.  If you have ever been, you'll know that it really is the opposite.  Random stores line sides of the boulevard in which you can buy souvenirs that are perhaps plastic and maybe even cheap metal.  You can view the full size image by right clicking and "view full image" or if you have a mac, ctrl+view image.

I couldn't resist posting this song. It has a dreamy and funky bass line that makes me feel like I might have been born in the late 80s.

Enjoy! -B

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  1. The pictures are so cool! I have no idea how to do that... this song is so good!