Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Berlin

  So, I am in Berlin now! After a bit of a delay in Brussels airport, and a popped airplane tire- yes, the airplane's back left tire popped during our rocky landing onto the runway in Berlin Tegel, I am very happy to say I have safely arrived.
our post-landing deflated tire
The landing was quite scary, a second or two after the landing there was a huge noise the plane jumped up, and was slightly lopsided afterwards. I was just thinking- let me off of this plane. After the delay in Brussels, I was only thinking of the worst case scenario- the bang we heard from under us would trigger some type of spark, and we would be engulfed in flames. Thankfully that didn't happen. (:

Now for the good that came out of the delay I had at brussels. I found Speeculos Pasta- a sweet spiced belgian spread  you can put on almost anything. Its made from speculoos cookies, which are a  carmelized christmas spiced cookie with a gingery cardamom taste to them. The spread is comparable to Nutella- and it is amazing!

We went to a Christmas concert yesterday featuring talented young musicians from all over Europe, with Ron. It was the perfect start to my Winter in Berlin. 

Best of all- is that I am finally here with my sweets! Together again <3


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