Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lindy Hop

This post will be a compilation of my past few days. First off, the weekend has been perfect. Fun times well spent with friends, and today Im going out for a birthday dinner celebration with my family friends here in CT. Thats right, I'm already on Thanksgiving Break- no school till Nov 28!
On Thursday we celebrated my birthday with a fun day of baking followed with a movie night-accompanied with some, hmm.. other things. Friday, I went to the So So Glos show in BK with Ann and Mal- which was another amazing night. It was bitterly cold outside, so we thankfully didn't have any trouble finding the venue. Once we got inside we were happy to be warm; there was a good crowd, lots of dancing, and the so so glos had an awesome stage presence. My sister is really good friends with the band, and they are actually also close friends with the people in LA who's house me and my bf stayed at for a week during summer. It was neat to finally meet them, and to get a little tour of their venue. They played a new song toward the end of the night that I especially loved- but I dont remember the name of it. It was so good- I really want it!

On Saturday me and Ann did some early morning shopping in Soho, putting our two hours sleep worth of energy to good use.

Within these past days I also got a new loop scarf, and the coco rouge in gabrielle! I know these will serve me well come Winter. Sorry for the bad photo quality on this one-

I know this has been an extremely long post, but there is one last thing I have to share. On mine and Eka's train ride to CT from the city, we spotted a little someone! Do you see what I see?


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