Monday, November 14, 2011

Go do

Loving this song, especially the beginning. 

This weekend was insane, and, do I dare say, the funnest yet? Today Yas informed me that I called her 4am my time on Friday night (well, Saturday morning, I guess) saying some pretty weird shit. I also called Brye, Ashley, and Emir, how embarrassing.

On Sunday I bought flowers at Whole Foods to brighten my room...I swear this is all I could find to put them in.

I'm going to New York Friday for Cait's birthday! I'm so excited! We're seeing a New York band called the So So Glo's, a group Cait's sister apparently knows personally. Cait's gift contains 3 parts: 1 she knows about (an AU sweatshirt), and 2 she doesn't (1 will be delish, the other...she might possibly be mad? Love you girlyy)


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  1. loves it! Im so so excited for Friday- :D It seriously just needs to be here already. heheh but now, you know that last part of your 'gift' will no longer work . good thing

    love youu too