Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy in the Kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving! I am stil up tonight because I am just preparing the sweet potato dish for tomorrow- or well, today. It had 8 more minutes to go, and then it'll be done! It smells so good. Im making the dish now because we will be spending 'tomorrow' at our friends in the city, so we will just reheat it at theirs. Currently listening to Changing Partners- by Patti Paige; its a nice song to cooke to. Ann showed me it when she was in ny last week an I just havent been able to stop listening to it since. I also made cranberry orange walnut bread- simply delicious.

Today was busy, full of grocery shopping, picking up things, etc etc. Our Austrian friend taught us how to make popovers tonight too- I've never tried them before now, either. I dont even know how to describe them. I guess you would say they're somewhere between the cross of a biscuit, muffin, crepe, and pancake? This is including the texture & taste; they are shaped like a muffin /biscuit and they taste a little bit like a pancake or crepe on the inside. Theyre really fluffy and airy, and they just pop out of their little muffin tin- hence the name, pop over.
The ones we made turned out great- but I wouldnt say they're exactly my favorite. I found that they taste really good if you ignore the hard outer part, and take out the thin lines of inside pieces that resemble pieces of crepe. You then take nutella, put it on the inside of the crepe-like piece, et, voila !


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