Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Im so excited for the weekend! After tomorrow I can relax, a big change from everything else I've been doing earlier this week. I pulled an allnighter two nights ago studying for an anatomy test-which was worth it- , so Im still recovering. It's supposed to be in the mid-high 70's! Perfect condition for the barbeque in the city I'll be going to on Saturday.
These are some photos from Brooklyn- North Williamsburg area, and Greenwich I took when me and Mal were out. The light art show by unit blanch we went to was great Williamsburg has so many neat shops- there were a lot of great thrift stores and little cafes.

So, on Friday I'll be in the city during the day, then I'll be leaving Union Station with my family friend to CT at night. I can sleep, and just enjoy it, since I did most of this paper due when we get back. This weekend is going to be awesome.










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