Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Met + Macaroons

Yesterday me and my friend Mar met up with some friends in the city for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Since we were right in the Upper East Side, what better place to stop at than Maison LadurĂ©e,  a little Parisian shop that boasts the title of having NYC's Best Macaroon. After waiting in a thirty minute line- yes, I said thirty minutes- we each got about 3 to 4 each. Mine were chocolate, pistachio, and casis black currant. They were all amazing, and each had its own unique flavor and personality, I had no idea they could range so much in flavor/texture! These were definitely the best macaroons I have ever had. Although there is a long wait, its worth it-did I mention they're even flown in from Paris every night?

Once our little trip to France was over, we headed ten blocks over to the Metropolitan Museum- located on 82nd and Madison. It was beautiful, they had such a large collection, and an incredible Egyptian Wing with excavation findings from along the Nile.
It was a great time out, and tonight will be too! Me and Mar are going to a Haloween party in the city, cant wait to dress up! Though, the weather forecast shows not so favorable weather. Rain, snow?


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