Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sushi in Laguna

I, Ann, despise sushi. So when it was decided behind my back that everyone wanted sushi, they knew they couldn't tell me where we were going or I wouldn't come. They said the place was a surprise and that I would love it...I tried half a piece of sushi and honestly I almost couldn't swallow it down. Apparently it was good though because they all loved it. 


Mosun Sushi

This was a nice little way too end the night. Ann and I had never tried the much talked about-pizookie. A pizookie is a giant cookie baked in a shallow pan, just enough so it is semi soft in the middle; right after it leaves the oven its topped off with heaps of vanilla ice cream. Everyone here in Newport loves it. The dessert isn't exactly my or Ann's usual style, so we were hesitant at first, but it was delightfully satisfying! Though, we did feel like teens in a small town somewhere in Texas that go to late night diners at 11 o'clock for dessert as a fun activity. 


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