Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brasil in February

I recently took a trip to Brasil in February with my mom and sister for my sister's 16th birthday. I have been going ever since I was little because my mom is from there, so usually it is to visit family. This time we went, just us girls, to have fun, lay by the beach, sightsee, and shop. We went to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia. We were lucky enough to go right before Carnival, so everywhere we went in Rio there were rehearsals, which are almost just as good as the actual thing. Plus none of the large, touristy crowds.  

There is graffiti everywhere in Rio and Salvador, and most of it is extremely artistic. One of our taxi drivers told us that the government used to be strict in enforcing the laws against graffiti. As a result, the graffiti was often uglier and possibly gang related. Now, however, people are almost encouraged to decorate the streets, and I was even able to distinguish certain artists.

Rooftops of Salvador

Hotel balcony in Salvador 

So yummy! Ice cream at this really old pastry and desert cafe in Rio

I saw this artist everywhere

Salvador is known for its traditional art, and has a very heavy African influence 

Amazing. Taken in Rio

Rio, obviously 

The only soda I will drink. It is almost impossible to find it in the US, but in Brasil it is a staple. I lived on Guarana Zero. 

Acai bowls! So delicious, I crave them all the time now. It's just blended acai, and I asked for mango in mine, with granola on top. There are fresh juice stands everywhere, and they are such easy places to stop and get a snack. 

Hippie van! This particular bus was from Argentina   

The entry way to a hippie house in Bahia


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